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  • The Social distancing childrens' art project

    25 March at 13:54 from atlas

    Welcome to The Social Distancing Children' s Art Project. 

    This is an awesome art project for children of all ages to be a part of that they can start today and work on in the weeks ahead - curated by Corina Hazlett Artist Studio

    The idea of this project is to document and capture through your children's artworks what it has been like to have been a part of the global response to COVID-19 and in particular life here in New Zealand. The exciting bit is that at the end of the project I will publish a book of these artworks.

    For those of you who don't know me I have over 20 years experience in teaching art education classes for children and adults. I have had over ten years experience working in rehabilitation using art as a tool for self expression and behavioural change. I am a practising artist myself and I have a Diploma in Child and Adolescent Psychology. 

    Art is such a powerful tool to enable little people to express themselves in times of anxiety. 

    This project will serve two purposes. 

    It will allow our little people to draw, or paint their feelings about the lockdown in a safe environment of their home which will help to relieve stresses and enable them to open up and talk to you about their art and their feelings. 

    It will also serve as a great historical glimpse in the future of how our young people felt and about what they did during this time. 

    This art project is open to any age.

    The artwork can be in any medium ie paint, pen, pencil, pastel. Its completely up to you. 

    Stuck for ideas .. heres a few questions you could ask your little artists to get them started… 

    How has COVID-19 made you feel? , 
    What have we done as a family during this time ? Did we go to the beach or go on a walk in the country ? 
    What has the weather been like? 
    Do we live in the city or country and if so how different does it look like while the lockdown is on? 
    Draw the view looking outside your window? 
    Draw what you will do when the lockdown is over ? This is a great one because it transfers their thoughts to recovery.
    Even though this is "Social Distancing" how are we keeping in touch with your friends who we cant see while the lockdown is on i.e Facetime, skype, over the phone, by playing games together on the internet.

    All entries submitted will be included in a book of artworks. By submitting your artwork you give Corina Hazlett the rights to include your artwork in this book. 

     PLEASE NOTE EXTENSION OF DATE FOR ARTWORK SUBMISSIONS I will accept artworks for the book until Sunday 28 June 2020.

    How do I submit my child's artwork?

    All artwork entries need to be photographed in HR format, with good quality lighting (from your smart phone is fine) and emailed to Corina Hazlett at Please include the atists name (if they want it) their age, the medium used, and the region they live in and a contact email name and address.

    Any queries please don't hesitate to contact me. 



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