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    14 May at 07:26 from atlas

    Artwork title "Queen Kereru with her cloak of feathers". This has been a collaborative artwork between Corina Hazlett and her youngest students aged 6- 12years. This gorgeous artwork will be up for auction on Trademe with 100% proceeds going to the @roddonaldbptrust . Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the auction which will be listed on Trademe the week closing Sunday 19th June .
    This has been a wonderful project for my youngest students raising awareness through their art for the valuable work that Rod Donald Banks Peninsula Trust does. The artwork is approx 1mx70cm. Mixed media on Stretched canvas. Each young artist has created their own unique feather with Acrylic Ink to add to the bird. Using metallic uniball pens on top of the inks the children decorated their feathers. The, approx 50 feathers, that were individually made by the children reminded us more of a traditional Maori cloak as opposed to just the bird's own feathers hence the title "Queen Kereru with her cloak of feathers". The background is iconic of my designs with an image of a person's face repeat stencilled showing through flowers using acrylic and ink. The birds head is adorned with a crown of the native kowhai flower which is painted in acrylic paint.

    T-shirts are also available on-line.  The link is on my front page.


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